From Another Point of View

Oui are Pain

    Amelia Galofré, pharmacist and nutritionist. MasterChef contestant and creator of delicious recipes on her Instagram @Ameliciousmchef9.
    We knew Antonella's work before we knew that she was the one behind the exquisite Baldomero and Camping recipes.
    Alejandra captivates us with her vibrant energy, like the colors we find in her works. These are capable of transporting you to lost tropical landscapes in a country invented in her imagination.
    Alba invites us to her house in l'Eixample in Barcelona. She likes giraffes, Ben Brooks and asking how things work. She is an actress and has a new project in hand, a book of poetry that talks about love with humor and with photographs of her friend.
    We spent a morning with artist Blanca Guerrero in Gowanus, Brooklyn, the neighborhood where she has her studio. Her work exudes a wonderful Japanese influence, as does the studio she shares with her father.
    We return to Paris to find out more about Eimear, the person behind @argot_studio. His aesthetic sensitivity is also represented in his home, where he invites us to tell us how he got to Paris.
    Architect and founder of Matsulamps. We met Giovana a few months ago through Instagram and from the first moment we connected.
    Giorgia Righetti is the girl behind @leseines, a personal project of vintage furniture and decoration restoration. Born in Rimini, she studied interior design in Barcelona, where she settled 20 years ago.
    Leti Sala is one of our favorite writers. We feel identified with her stories and observations of her daily life, with a touch of humor, which are part of a new contemporary literature in Instagram format.
    Lulu has studied Art History and combines her two passions: fashion and art, in her professional life. Calm and sensitive, we talked to her about her roots in Jerez and about her last show at the legendary Cock bar.
    Mercedes was born in Zaragoza, but soon moved to Cuenca to study Fine Arts. She tells us that her first memory related to her wanting to draw “well” was trying to win the Christmas card contest at her school. And since then, she hasn't stopped.
    Nuria receives us at her house in Barcelona. She is a singer-songwriter and Catalan, from Vic, with Irish roots on her father's side and Cordoban roots on her mother's.
    Olga is a color photographer. She is dedicated to portraying them every day through everyday objects, in fashion and during her travels.
    We spent a day with Paula Mariscal on the Empordà coast, where she feels so in harmony with the blue of the sea.
    Shakespeare and Company is the most famous bookstore in Paris. Sylvia Whitman, the current owner, has given continuity to the project launched by her father in 1950. A place for meeting and artistic creation.
    Sabrina wowed us with her support of fair trade. She grew up in Geneva and settled in London, she specialized in textiles and developed her research work in Peru.
    Some Study are Marta, Clara, Anna, Carlota, Lucia and Ivet. Six architects who seven years ago decided to bet on their profession and set up a cooperative that today is one of the studios with the most projection of the moment.
    We met Tessa through Instagram, a platform where she exhibits her work: virtual 3D still lifes. She makes them in her spare time and she tells us that she wants to start materializing them with ceramics.
    We traveled to Milan to meet Valentina Cameranesi, designer and creative director. She received us at the home of her partner, Enrico Pompili, with whom she shares a creative consulting and set design studio.