About Nice Things

The clothing and accessories brand Nice Things, part of the Intermalla S.L. business group, was created in 1995 in Barcelona. The Intermalla group is a family business, dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of clothing and accessories for women and girls.

Our personal way of understanding fashion has led to a strong international expansion, which currently represents 65% of our total turnover, with France being our main international market.

With more than 25 years of experience in the textile sector, Nice Things markets its products worldwide, through six distribution channels: own shops in Spain, Andorra and France; single-brand franchises in Spain, France and Portugal; multi-brand shops around the world; department stores in the main European cities; online shop open to the whole world and multi-brand online customers.

The constant presence in international fashion fairs such as: Pitti Bimbo Florence (Italy); PREMIUM in Berlin (Germany), PURE in London (UK), MODEFABRIEK in Amsterdam (Holland), CPH Vision in Copenhagen (Denmark) or Play Time in Paris (France) has boosted our presence in international markets, and our Prét à Porter collections travel to countries such as: France, Italy, Germany, UK, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland; Greece, Switzerland, Austria; Canada; Japan; Russia and USA.

Paloma Santaolalla, founder of Nice Things, together with her daughter Paloma Lanna are the spirit of the brand and the ones in charge of developing the ideas and collections of the firm. Their personal point of view on fashion gives Nice Things a very defined personality and a firm path to follow.


Responsible manufacturing code

Intermalla is firmly committed to the principles established in terms of human rights and the environment, as well as a strong commitment to transmitting its values to its suppliers, trying to encourage them to behave ethically and responsibly, guaranteeing its customers the manufacture of its Nice Things Paloma S. products in an environment that favours a fairer, more caring society that respects human rights, the environment and current legislation.

Intermalla asks all the supplier companies with which it collaborates to make the same ethical commitment, thus reaffirming our corporate culture.

All companies and persons doing business with Intermalla have a binding obligation not to violate the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In particular respect for human dignity, the abolition of forced labour and ill-treatment at work and the abolition of child labour.

Our suppliers are committed to and ensure compliance with current labour legislation in all countries where they are present, creating an environment of respect, equality and safety.

It is everyone's obligation to respect the environment by encouraging and promoting environmentally friendly actions. Our suppliers are committed to the use of clean technologies, sustainable use and treatment of resources, responsible and sustainable use of water. In particular, suppliers are committed to comply with AZO and REACH regulations related to printing and dyeing products.

Within the commitment that suppliers establish with Intermalla to respect and ensure compliance with the principles established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the consent for Intermalla's representatives to visit the supplier's facilities to confirm the supplier's good practices.